The Camera’s Out of the Bag..Finally!


As many of you who have been keeping up with the blog know I am the owner of a brand spanking new Nikon D7000. I (read: Greg. Thanks boo!) even upgraded and purchased the 30mm, 60mm and an amazing zoom lenses. Here’s the thing….save for a few shots here and there, the brand new camera AND brand new lenses have just been been sitting in a brand new camera bag. You skilled photogs are cringing right now and understandably so. I have every intention of learning the craft of photography but I AM SCARED. There, I said it, HAPPY?! Let me explain…I am an undeniable product of the generation of ‘now’. It’s all about instant gratification. Either I don’t have the patience to learn, or I’m so scared of failing that I unconsciously close the door on what could be amazing potential and untapped talent.

Anybody, somebody, tell me you can relate! It may not be photography but there may be that calling, hobby, craft that you have yet to master due to lack of self-trust and fear. News flash: this is completely normal! It’s up to you to decide when you’re ready and willing to take that first wobbly, unsure step. Okay fine, you may look like a hot mess the first few times which is EXACTLY what kept you from taking that step in the first place but we’re all hot messes in our own right. I will tell you that at this stage, my hands are all over the place, my posture is off and to my knowledge a ‘white balance’ is my very Caucasian bestie balancing this ship with her hand. (She’s single fellas! Inquires can be directed my way.)

Let’s just say I have A LOT to learn but I’m facing the awkward moments and embracing the hot-messiness because I WILL get better and you will too! YOLO right?…Er, now on to the part that I’ve been avoiding…my first set of shots after I learned about ISO, f-stop and aperture.  At least my subject was pretty easy on the eyes. Maybe it was that fact that he wore the same outfit he wore for our engagement photos, who knows!

Please be easy on me!


4 thoughts on “The Camera’s Out of the Bag..Finally!

  1. I totally feel you on being scared! I have a compact DSLR and I know that I can take way better photos with it than I have been. There’s just so much to learn it can seem overwhelming! Pinterest has some great quick tips and tutorials tho… I’ve been checking them out.

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