It’s Coming…J.Crew Sample Sale

For those of you who knew how much loot I scored at the J.Crew sample sale in Lynchburg this past February, I promised I would let you know the next time it came around. Well so much for giving you a heads up in March. I found out about it the weekend AFTER the sale. Hashtag: FAIL. As to redeem myself, I got word that the J.Crew clearance warehouse will be open to the public Saturday, April 27 8a-8p and Sunday, April 28 10a-6p.

Here’s the skinny because it’s always good to know before you go right?

  • You park your vehicle in the direction the parking attendants instruct. You stand in a line and will wait anywhere from a few minutes (if you arrive right when the sale starts) to two hours. We waited about an hour and a half because we arrived close to 12p when the sale started at 8a. The door man, (yes, it’s THAT legit) lets five in at a time.
  • Don’t bring your own bag. Once you get in, someone hands you a thin trash bag and a price guide that gives a set price for each item.
  • Dress comfortably, you’ll be digging and trudging through pieces upon pieces of clothing. Think of it this way: Just as an athlete wears as little clothing as possible in an effort to be most agile, you should dress in a manner that gives you free range of motion. I’m for serious you guys.
  • There are no fitting rooms so it’s the old holding the item up to you maneuver. You’ll ask your girlfriend, “Does this make me look fat?” and she will respond with a truthful, “Yes, but get it anyway. You’ll never see that price again.”
  • You have a limit of one bag and $500 max per person (you didn’t think I brought the Mr. for kicks did you?).

It’s not a game. It’s J.Crew Collection pieces marked down to astronomically low prices. Respect the Crew. Who’s joining me?


Image via

Address is: 25 Millrace Dr. Lynchburg, VA 24551

Be there.

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