The Birthday Complex

My (Cough, cough. Mumbles age under breath) birthday was last week. Hold the belated cheers people. I am NOT a birthday person. I’ve never liked the attention or the forced, obligatory phone calls from people you’ve spoken to 365 days prior on your last birthday. This year, a few days before my birthday, I went as far as to take the date of my debut into this world off of public view on my Facebook Timeline!  It was bliss I tell you! Only a handful of people who actually know my birthday contacted me without being prompted by Zuckerberg! It’s a great case study if you really think about it. People who I’ve been friends with for years haven’t said a peep. It shows how dependent we are on the Facebook birthday reminders. Eeek, a little scary/sad.

Needless to say, I always tend to get a little agitated  on this day for reasons stated above. Guess who suffers the most? Greg. Poor thing. He’s gone above and beyond to make sure each year is memorable. This year I was out of town at our home office on my birthday so to my surprise, he had a variety of cupcakes delivered to the office from my fave place in Ghent. How sweet right?! Well, I really appreciated the gesture but then my mind automatically went to the expense of it all and the idea of eating over a dozen cupcakes on my own. Now, I know the challenge of having an army of tasty morsels all to yourself is a recurring dream for some of you. Before you jump my case, there’s more to the story. I had to hit the road that day for a work engagement in MD! How was I going to transport said tasty morsels and where would they be stored? What if I ate them all?! He knows I’m trying to drop a few lbs. before our trip to GA. This sabotage in the form of glorious carbs! So much to think about. My Type A personality went straight to the logistics of it all rather than just reveling in the fact that he made the effort to let me know he was thinking about me from afar.

girl vs cupcakes

All this is to say that I wasn’t the only who got a present. Greg got a huge delivery mean girl wrapped up in a big bow! Horrid right? I’m so embarrassed just thinking about it. My attitude put me in the dog house for a while which led me to the only remedy that made sense. A cupcake for a cupcake! Thanks to my Aunt Cathy who did the cupcakes for our wedding, I was on the fast track to making amends!

I also added an extra touch with a cute letter pressed card from rock paper scissors located on the Downtown Mall. My in-store experience went something like this: “I was a meanie (the choice word I used may or may not have been stronger than ‘meanie’ but momma is reading this!) to my husband on my birthday. I need a card to emphasize my ‘sincere sorry-ness’.” The girl working there: “Oh yeah, we have a whole section of ‘I Was a Tool’ cards. They’re over here.” Welp, at least it’s more common than I thought!







Thankfully, he welcomed my apology and consumed the cupcakes like a vacuum of forgiveness! This leads me to ask if there’s a certain time of the year that puts you in a funk? I’d love to know!

Sad cupcake image via

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