We are just about finished with the hallway bathroom. I’ll share the final results soon. This bathroom was a light lavender. Soothing…maybe but not quite the look we were going for. Also wasn’t a fan of the light fixture. I can handle the paint, no biggie but switching out the light fixture would have resulted in electric shock. No thanks! Who do you call when you want something jimmy-rigged?!

Dun, dun, dun… Mr. DIY!


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Home Decor Update: Home Office

As you know, my company was amazingly nice enough to allow me to work from our new location in C’Ville! I’m so glad we found a house with a functional room to allow me to do my job with the same abilities I would have if I was in the office. Thanks technology! I’m going with a neutral color palette throughout the house: cream, tans, grays but I wanted my office to be a space to allow my creativity to flow. So, I veered from my color scheme and choose to go with a refreshing color. I went with Olympic’s ‘Tenderness’.



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Home Decor Update: Adjoining Hallway to Laundry Room

The next room on the fix-it list was the adjoining hallway to the laundry room. It was covered with wallpaper that was a bit out of date so I took it upon myself to tackle it. You know the feeling when you start to peel wallpaper and you’re not sure whether it’s going to come down in clean panels or small, annoying pieces? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, the wallpaper came down in clean panels! Cue the church lady dancing!!


In the home stretch of peeling the wallpaper



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Home Decor Update: The Laundry Room

We’ve been at the new house for about a month now but with the handy man (Greg) being deployed  I’ve been plugging away at working on the works in the house on the weekends. Stay tuned for the big reveal once we’re in a good place! I thought a little preview of the laundry room would hold you over until then.

When we moved in, the laundry room was unpainted yellow drywall and even more unappealing laminate. Eek! I picked up a creamy high gloss, threw a rug on the ground and went to town!


Post priming


Goodbye floor!

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